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ER Doc Offers Tips to Avoid Summer Hazards for Kids

Posted on: June 10, 2013

Summertime Safety: Avoid Hazards in the Heat

by Jim Dwyer MD, Director and Chief, Emergency Services, Northern Westchester Hospital 

JVEC0031Bare feet in cool grass on a hot day may be the actual description of paradise. However, running around barefoot can be hard on the tootsies. The nature of injuries that put people in emergency rooms changes with the seasons. In summer I see everything from cuts on feet to heat stroke. Here’s how to protect yourself—and especially your children—when the mercury climbs.

Lacerations to the feet are one of the most common injuries we see. Splinters from decks, cuts from broken glass, et cetera. I strongly recommend parents insist their children wear shoes during the summer months. While they’re putting shoes on in the morning, make sure to lather them up with sunscreen as well. People come in with severe sunburns all the time. They’re just looking for relief, even though there’s not much we can do. Avoiding sunburns has to be about prevention, really.

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