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New York Neurologist Explains Restless Leg Syndrome

Posted on: October 22, 2013

Feeling Restless

By Gregg Caporaso, MD, PHD, attending neurologist at Northern Westchester Hospital

iStock_20264343_HiRezCan you imagine having the uncontrollable urge to move your legs every time you try to sleep at night? Many patients face this condition nightly. If the need to get up and move is keeping you from getting your beauty sleep, you may have restless legs syndrome (RLS). This baffling ailment is primarily thought of as a sleep disorder since it can keep sufferers—and their partners — from getting the “deep sleep” they need for good health. Patients usually can’t be specific about the sensation. They simply complain of a very uncomfortable sensation in their legs that gives them the urge to move their legs.

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