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New York Orthopedist Dr. Evan Karas advises on Shoulder Pain

Posted on: June 25, 2012

Save Your Shoulder – Don’t Push Through the Pain

by Dr. Evan Karas

Dr. Evan Karas orthopedic surgeon new yorkYour shoulder is a remarkably intricate joint. The centerpiece is the rotator cuff—a cradle of muscles and tendons that enables you to rotate your arm in a full arc. The rotator cuff is instrumental to swinging a tennis racquet or golf club, throwing a softball or football, or even reaching overhead to get the china from the top shelf in your kitchen.

While most people think injuries to this vital structure are a concern for professional pitchers and other fulltime athletes, anyone can suffer rotator cuff problems.  As Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at Northern Westchester Hospital, specializing in shoulder treatment, I can tell you the injuries typically occur in people older than 35.

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Westchester Obstetrician Guides Expectant Parents in What to Look for in a Hospital

Posted on: June 11, 2012

Selecting a Hospital

by Dr. David Berck

Planning the birth of your baby

Whether you’re expecting your first child, or you feel like you’ve become a seasoned professional at labor and delivery, one thing remains constant –deciding where to give birth is just as important as carefully planning one’s labor and delivery.

Having a baby in WestchesterA birth plan is a wonderful tool for expecting parents. It can help facilitate a conversation between the parents-to-be and their healthcare provider around the birth experience; the parents’ wishes during labor, delivery and recovery; and important issues or concerns.

Most importantly, these conversations can take place before you arrive at the hospital. It can also be useful when evaluating hospitals or birth centers – helping you to ask the right questions.

Selecting a Hospital… Asking the right questions

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