Registered Dietician Advises on a Diet for Prostate Health

Posted on: July 20, 2012

Nutrition for a Healthy Prostate

by Mary Gocke, RD, CDN

NWH Food is Care

At NWH, Food is Care

Many factors including age, race, and genetics, influence a man’s risk for developing prostate cancer. Leading a sedentary lifestyle, eating a diet high in red meats and dairy products and low in fruits and vegetables also puts a man at a greater risk for prostate cancer. While age, race and genetics are beyond our control, certainly including daily exercise and choosing healthy food are something that we can control and improve upon. Obesity is thought to increase the chance of a recurrence. 

Nutrition Tips:

The most effective food plan for the prevention of prostate cancer is low in red meat and dairy, and high in fruits and vegetables. A vegetarian diet has been shown to be effective in some cases.

Increases in dietary soy have been associated with a decreased risk of prostate cancer. However, concentrated soy extracts have not proven to be beneficial.

Broccoli has been shown in clinical trials to help prevent prostate cancer.

Drinking 8oz of pomegranate juice has been shown to be effective at stabilizing PSA, potentially delaying the growth of prostate cancer cells.

Several studies have shown that vitamin D can inhibit prostate cancer growth.

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