Northern Westchester Hospital Maternity Nurse Shares Resources for New Parents

Posted on: March 25, 2014

New Parents have Q’s… Here’s Where to Find the A’s

By Maureen Varcasio, RN at Northern Westchester Hospital

iStock_000019586817Medium2Having a baby requires parents to learn new skills in order to care for their newborn and themselves. Much of what you need to know can be learned from the nurses while you are still in the hospital. However once parents are discharged home they may still have questions or new questions can arise. For example:  What should I do if my baby won’t nurse or won’t stop crying? Do I have Postpartum Depression? or Am I bleeding too much? Here’s where you can turn for answers…

Northern Westchester Hospital’s Maternity Unit has two “Warm Lines” where parents can speak directly to an experienced Nurse 24 hours a day. For information and advice regarding the postpartum mom, please call 914-666-1037. For the newborn baby, call the Nursery Nurses at 914-666-1068. Whether it is 2pm or 3am, a nurse will always be available to answer questions and give expert advice concerning the health, care and safety of the newly discharged mom and the newborn baby.

The Maternity staff is also well trained in breastfeeding and can provide support for routine breastfeeding concerns. Additional breastfeeding support can be found at NWH’s Breast Feeding Resource Center where a board-certified Lactation Consultant is available 7 days a week during the day time. She can be reached at 914-666-1370. Messages left during off hours will be returned as soon as possible and always within 24 hours. For further assistance, moms can also arrange to come in with their baby for a one-on-one appointment with a Lactation Consultant.

While in the hospital, parents have access to the Newborn Channel on the television in their room.  This channel provides programming on baby care and postpartum topics.  At home, you can view these programs at Use the password 02018 to gain access. The programs are presented in both English and Spanish and provide up to date information on topics as varied as “Well Baby Tips” to “Newborn Care” to “Postpartum and Recovery.” A new one hour program “Going Home With Baby: Your Discharge” addresses going home basics, taking care of mom, caring for your baby and keeping baby safe.

Of course your doctors are also a good source of information too. Postpartum moms can call their OB/GYN doctors with concerns about themselves and they can phone their Pediatricians regarding their newborn and breastfeeding questions.

All of these resources will be able to guide in your role as a new parent and help in your recovery after your baby arrives.