Healthy Snacks On-The-Go

Posted on: April 6, 2015

Nutritionist Approved:
Healthy snack products to look for on your next grocery trip

By Elisa Bremner, RD
This is the first edition of a series of nutritionist-approved food products on the market.

Snacks are an important and useful way to stave off hunger, bolster nutrient intake, keep energy up and satisfy the occasional craving (for emotional health!). But the best food is always the whole food. For snacks, I recommend fruit, vegetables and “mini meals” like a bowl of soup or ½ sandwich.

Processed, packaged food can fit into your balanced diet, but should never become the basis of your diet. Unfortunately, it’s just not possible for most of us to prepare fresh, whole-food snacks every time we get hungry. Practically speaking, when we’re running around all day, a packaged snack food may be the only option. We have choices. Here are five of my faves:

Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame

It’ soybeans, only portable. Packed with protein, not too much sodium (for a snack food), 100 kcals pre-portioned. What’s not to like?

Chia Co. Chia Pod
Chia seeds have become famous for good reason. They pack a punch in fiber, protein and omega 3 fatty acid. With no added sugar, the Chia Pod is a great substitute for rice pudding lovers.
Blog_SmartfoodSmartfood Delight Sea Salt Popcorn
Here’s a snack in a package that contains the same ingredients I use when I make it at home. Since corn is a whole grain, each 140-calorie serving (nearly 4 cups!) has 4g fiber.
Blog_Pita PuffsFood Should Taste Good Multigrain Pita Puffs
When you can recognize every ingredient on the label, you’re doing well. This chip alternative is low in sugar and saturated fat and even contains some fiber and protein.
Blog_Plum go Bar
Plum Organics Go Bar Chewy Oat Bar with Veggies, chocolate brownie

Less than 2 teaspoons of sugar per serving make this one a good choice among bars. It’s made with whole grains, fruits and vegetables too.