Pediatric Endoscopy

Northern Westchester Hospital offers our patients an array of endoscopic procedures to acurately diagnose and treat a number of gastroenterological conditions. We pride ourselves on our renowned Pediatric Endoscopy and Gastroenterology Program.  Our team of healthcare professionals is committed to putting patients first, serving Westchester County as well as areas as far as New York City and New Haven, Connecticut.


Our Endosopy Department is distinguished not only by the expertise of its gastroenterologists and other physicians, but also by its outstanding nurses. 85% of our endoscopic nurses, for example, are certified in their specialty (e.g., operating room, ambulatory surgery, or post-anesthesia care).

Advanced Techniques and Technology

Our specialists perform Endo-Ultrasound-Guided Diagnosis of biliary and pancreatic diseases to achieve the highest precision in locating cancerous tumors.

Biliary Stenting is used to treat obstructions of the bile ducts.

Our state-of-the-art operating rooms are equipped with the latest technology. Our dedicated HD operating room is equipped with high definition (HD) monitors for better visualization, and is used exclusively for all minimally invasive and laparoscopic procedures.

Clinical trials in New York are available right here at NWH through our Clincial Trials Program. See our list of clinical trials currently conducted at NWH >

A Commitment to Patient-Centered Care

NWH commitment to patient-centered care defines the way in which gastroenterologists and nurses work as a team to coordinate seamless care that anticipates your needs, and ensures your comfort.

For patients suffering from anxiety before a procedure, NWH’s Integrative Medicine Program is staffed by experienced holistic health nurses, who can help to alleviate anxiety and help to create an environment of calm and wellness.

A Team Approach

Fundamental to healthcare at NWH is a team approach among our medical staff. For example, there is seamless coordination with our NWH Radiology Department; the Interventional Radiologist may be brought in to treat a condition diagnosed in endoscopy, thus avoiding surgery or a more invasive procedure.

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