Integrative Medicine

For more information on our Integrative Health Services, please call 914.242.8168

Our Approach, Your Treatments

Northern Westchester Hospital is proud to offer Integrative Medicine Services to our patients. This program is staffed with holistic health nurses who are focused on sharing their knowledge and skills with our staff, and creating an environment of health and wellness for our patients.

Incorporating Holistic Healing Into Your Daily Care

Integrative Medicine services at NWH focus on incorporating healing of the mind, body, and spirit into your daily care. Thus, our nurses throughout our medical departments receive training in how to integrate healing therapies and techniques, as appropriate, to the care of their patients.

Integrative medicine services complement conventional western medicine with techniques that support the body’s natural ability to heal and include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Clinical Aromatherapy
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • Therapeutic Suggestion / Guided Imagery

Supporting You and Your Family

Northern Westchester Hospital has developed complimentary patient and family support services to assist you and your family during your stay. These include:

The Ken Hamilton Caregivers’ Center

An oasis for your family within NWH where family members can meet with a social worker, take time to meditate, and receive support and advice to help them prepare for their role as caregivers.

Pet Therapy

At times, everyone needs a companion that will simply listen and provide comfort to help ease stress relating to a surgical procedure. To help with this, NWH has established a pet therapy program. Please ask your nurse for additional information. 

The Art Cart Program

Do you want to add a custom-touch to your room during your stay? NWH volunteers can help with this by providing you with a selection of artwork and photography (prints only) to choose from. This is a very popular program, so please ask your nurse for additional information.

Transcendental Meditation Video

Please visit our Video Suite and click on Health Education.  Select Transcendental Meditation to watch a video presentation of the facts behind the benefits of TM.



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