For more information or to reach the ICU please call 914.666.1042

Northern Westchester Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a medical community, providing patient-centered care, for seriously ill medical and surgical patients. Our physicians are skilled, collaborative, innovative and compassionate. The nursing staff is well-experienced, providing the necessary critical care. Our ICU is staffed continuously by Pulmonary Medicine/Critical Care Medicine trained and board-certified physicians.

The critical care team is highly diversified and includes ICU physicians, nurses, medical/surgical specialists, medical ethicist, respiratory therapists, a pharmacist, Chaplin, case manager and nutritionist, all with exceptional clinical expertise in meeting the needs of our critically-ill patients and their families.

Additionally, we have continuing support from The Ken Hamilton Caregivers Center, dedicated to the emotional support and well-being of our patients and family members during an acute, devastating illness.

The 16-bed Intensive Care Unit provides concentrated and continuous care to patients with a present or potentially life-threatening condition. In addition to the specially trained nursing team, the ICU is staffed around the clock with Intensivists—physicians who are fellowship-trained and board-certified in critical care medicine. These physicians provide 24 hour coverage of all patients, monitoring changes in status, administering necessary treatments and providing ongoing management of complex cases.


Dr. Harlan Weinberg is Medical Director of the Intensive Care Unit and Chief of Critical Care Medicine.



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