Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine

To contact the Institute of Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine please call 914.242.7622

The Institute of Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine at Northern Westchester Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality care for patients who are undergoing aesthetic, reconstructive, and breast surgical procedures. Patients will benefit from the expertise of a highly trained team of professionals and physicians, with the support and safety of having procedures performed in a hospital-based setting.

Services at the Institute for Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine in Mt. Kisco, NY

  • Facial rejuvenation procedures such as eyelid surgeryface lifts, both traditional and short scar technique where appropriate, endoscopic assisted and traditional brow lift surgery, and nasal surgery for cosmetic improvement or post-traumatic reconstruction
  • Body contouring procedures including breast enhancement or breast reduction, and we offer the newest anatomically shaped gel implants

  • Abdominoplasties (or tummy tucks), arm lifts and thigh liftsbuttock enhancement, and total body contouring after weight loss surgery 

We find our easy access to all of the patient centered services provided at Northern Westchester Hospital is particularly helpful to our body-contouring patients who can benefit from a short hospital stay after surgery.

The Institute of Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine is the only hospital-based cosmetic surgery center in the region.

In our Aesthetic Oncology Division we offer reconstructive surgery after both lumpectomy and mastectomy, including both skin-sparing and nipple-sparing mastectomies where appropriate.

Our reconstructive surgeons use the latest technologies of allograft surgery, SPY technology to measure blood flow, and microsurgical reconstruction including DIEP flaps and PAP flaps.

All surgeries benefit from the combined environment of a dedicated staff and facility located within and part of an award winning hospital.

Our specialists include plastic and reconstructive surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons, breast oncology surgeons and otolaryngologists, who are assisted by specially-trained nursing and ancillary personnel, ensuring that each patient’s unique needs are accommodated.

Aesthetic Oncology

At the Institute, there is a complete approach to treating cancer while maintaining or restoring the quality of a patient’s image and life.

Aesthetic Oncology combines the principles of cancer surgery and aesthetic surgery, utilizing the services of our oncological breast surgeons, dermatologic surgeons, and reconstructive plastic surgeons in a team effort for their patients facing cancer surgery.

Whether a patient requires surgical treatment of a skin cancer or breast cancer, the reconstructive surgeons at the Institute of Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine coordinate their planning with the oncological surgeons to obtain optimal results for their individual patients. By employing this approach, breast and facial cancer patients have the opportunity to emerge from cancer surgery restored and whole, maintaining their quality of life.

Through the Institute, NWH offers physicians and their patients a range of rejuvenative, reconstructive, therapeutic and cosmetic procedures provided in the comfort of a highly-personalized and professional atmosphere. Individuals pursuing aesthetic surgery seek to improve or change existing features to enhance the appearance of their body or face.

Patients at the Institute benefit from the expertise of a highly-trained team of professionals and board-certified physicians, combined with the safety of having their procedures performed in a hospital-based setting.


Fellowship Program

The Institute of Aesthetic Surgery has developed two Fellowship programs for advanced surgical training:  Fellowship Program in Aesthetic Surgery and Fellowship Program in Oncological Breast Surgery. The fellowship programs are comprised of fully-trained surgeons, who are seeking to enhance and become expert in aesthetic/cosmetic or breast oncology surgery. These physicians relocate to Mt. Kisco for a six month or one-year fellowship. Our goal is to train surgeons to specialize in the full spectrum of aesthetic/cosmetic surgical procedures from facial plasty procedures to all body contouring procedures, or in the breast fellowship, the oncological breast procedures from diagnosis and treatment of breast masses and reconstructive procedures. Their fellowship experience will include exposure to our multidisciplinary approach to cosmetic and reconstructive procedures with our experienced Faculty.  Educational opportunities, conferences, and working daily side by side with a diverse staff is the groundwork for our programs.

To contact the Institute of Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine:  914.242.7622

Dr. Michael Rosenberg is Director of the Institute of Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine.






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