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End of Year Giving

Posted on: November 24, 2014

The Season of Giving

by Keeva Young-Wright, President of the Northern Westchester Hospital Foundation

She was small in stature but massive in influence. With only an elementary-level education, she had an endless pool of wisdom from which to draw. She was my first and most powerful example of generosity, and yet to a less discerning eye, it may seem she didn’t have much to give.

She, was my grandmother, Mabel Edwards, and she had strongly-held beliefs about giving. “It is better to give than to receive,” she would say. I also fondly remember her empowering words, “Everyone has something to give.”

But many of us are intensely conflicted about giving. To whom do I give? How much do I give? Will my contribution be enough to have an impact? The needs are endless and our capacity to give surely has boundaries. The opportunities to give are numerous, sometimes paralyzing us with choices. Therein lies the conflict.

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President & CEO of Northern Westchester Hospital Attends 2nd Annual Healthcare Reform Summit

Posted on: September 24, 2012

Healthcare Reform Summit

by Joel Seligman

Joel Seligman, CEO Northern Westchester HospitalOn Thursday, September 27, I will join my healthcare colleagues at the Healthcare Reform Summit. The topic of healthcare reform is one of great interest and much deserved conversation. I have the privilege of discussing ways in which employers can reduce healthcare costs—a very timely and important topic for all employers throughout the greater Westchester region. I’ll be joining panelists from IBM, Greenberg Traurig and UnitedHealthcare.

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