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August 2013

Dr. Pete on Decline in Circumcision Rate

Posted on August 28th, 2013 by

Circumcision Rate Decreases as Awareness of the Benefits Declines By Dr. Pete The annual rate of newborn circumcision declined some 10% nationally during the time period 1979-2010, according to data just released by the National Hospital Discharge Survey (NHDS).  Regional rates varied, but the national trend showed a decline. This is interesting, and somewhat statistically […]

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Westchester Hospital Dietitian Discusses Healthy Lunches for Back to School

Posted on August 25th, 2013 by

Packing A Healthy Lunchbag by Stephanie Perruzza, MS, RD, CDN, Northern Westchester Hospital September is back-to-school month …getting organized around books, supplies and first day back-to-school outfits, etc., etc…  We want to make this one task easier:  Packing the lunch bag. You know that with a healthy meal, your child gets the energy s/he needs […]

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Westchester Hosptial Dietitian Discusses Going Gluten Free

Posted on August 19th, 2013 by

Going Gluten-Free by Amy Rosenfeld, MS, RD, CDN, Northern Westchester Hospital Is everyone you know going gluten-free? While a gluten-free diet is trendy, it is less appropriate for weight loss but crucial in the treatment of celiac disease. A protein found in wheat, rye, barley and most oats (although there are some certified gluten-free oat products), gluten […]

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New York Hospital Gastroenterologist Discusses Celiac Disease

Posted on August 15th, 2013 by

Sensitive to Gluten or Suffering from Celiac Disease? by Dr. Elie Abemayor MD, Chief of Gastroenterology, Northern Westchester Hospital.  Just 10 years ago, Americans with celiac (SEE-lee-ak) disease had a tough time getting a diagnosis. Doctors thought that the autoimmune digestive disorder was extremely rare in this country. However, recent studies suggest that at least 1 […]

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New York Sleep Medicine Specialist Discusses The Importance of Sleep

Posted on August 13th, 2013 by

Sleep Better: Your Life May Depend On It By Dr. Praveen Rudraraju, Medical Director of the Center for Sleep Medicine, Northern Westchester Hospital Sleeping poorly may seem like a mere annoyance. Sure, that’s true for the occasional night of tossing and turning. But a pattern of sleeplessness — or poor quality sleep — can be dangerous. People […]

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