President's Council

The President’s Council, an advisory board designed to help address community needs, assists and advises in achieving the hospital’s mission to deliver superior quality health care services, and to improve the health of individuals in the community.

The role of the Council includes providing input into the ongoing strategic planning process, reviewing and contributing to the development of the hospital’s community service plan, and helping extend the hospital’s outreach efforts to a broader network of residents and businesses served by the hospital.

The members of the Council, listed below, represent the community at large as well as a variety of local organizations and municipalities within the hospital’s service area.

June Blanc, Chair
Barbara Alpert, MD
Margaret Andersen, MD
Joan Arnold
George E. Beitzel (Skip)
Melvin Berger
David F. Brown
Honorable Chris Burdick
Carla Chase 
Honorable Michael J. Cindrich 
Rita Crabtree 
Joseph DiMauro
Christina Dochtermann
William Donohue, Ph.D. 
David Engelsher
April H. Foley 
Mary Fox-Alter
Kenneth Freeston, Ph.D.
Honorable Michael Grace
Jodi Gutierrez
Honorable Peter B. Harckham
Jere Hochman, Ph.D.
Maureen Kilfoyle
Adam Kintish
Edward Lashins
Reverend Charles L. Low (Chip)
Honorable Warren Lucas
Honorable Richard Lyman
Naomi Marrow
Lyn McKay, Ph.D.
Benedict Miraglia, DDS
Honorable Rick Morrissey
Ralph Napolitano, Ph.D.
Rabbi Jason Nevarez
Honorable Peter Parsons
Joseph M. Pastore, Jr., Ph.D.
Patricia Reilly
Gabriel Rosenfeld, Esq.
Karla Shepard Rubinger
William Sarnoff
Joel Seligman
Brian Skanes
Miles Slater
Carl Weinberg
Michael Weissman, MD
Earle Yaffa

NWH Staff Members:
Jeanne Alagno 
Kerry Flynn Barrett
Maria Hale
Marla Koroly, MD
John Partenza
Lauraine Szekely
Mark Vincent
Keeva Young-Wright



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