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At Northern Westchester Hospital, we take great pride in our patients and their courage.
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Pediatric Specialties Testimonials

Joan Barrett

I took my daughter to Northern Westchester Hospital Center ER on Monday, May 6th; she was diagnosed with kidney stones and admitted and eventually had surgery due to the stone being lodged and unable to pass. The reason I am writing this letter is to let you know how pleased my daughter and I were with the excellent care, attention, and compassion that we received during her stay. I asked if I would be able to stay with my daughter; I expected some resistance. The Dr. in the ER said, “absolutely, we encourage family members to stay.” I couldn’t have been more delighted. Years ago they never wanted family members to stay; they felt family would be in the way, or didn’t want family members around for various other reasons. This is a brilliant idea having family members stay with their loved ones. In my mind, this makes for a faster recovery; the patient is at ease knowing their loved ones are there. There were no surgical rooms or regular rooms available; my daughter ended up in Pediatrics, (she is an adult,) but we loved being there in this beautiful “pink” room. The nurses, technicians and entire staff were incredible! My daughter was in excruciating pain; they immediately gave her medicine to relieve the pain and any time she rang the bell for assistance, the nurses were at the door before you knew it. We live in Connecticut but are originally from Armonk. We have always dealt with Northern Westchester Hospital and have been very happy there. We will not go to any other hospital, but Northern Westchester. The improvement is beyond belief! Even down to the “harpist” in the main Lobby area. We wanted you to know how very happy and comfortable your hospital made us feel. My daughter is much better thanks to the staff at Northern Westchester Hospital. Keep up the excellent service! Sincerely, Tiffany & Joan



I was in the ER last week for kidney stones, they admitted me into the hospital and found a bed for me in the Pediatrics Department. I couldn't have asked for better care of service. The nurses (Terri/Alice/Vangie/Regina) were absolutely amazing and helped me in every way possible. Thank you so very much for taking care of me during such a hard time. xoxoxo


Ruthanne A

Yesterday my son spent the day in the pediatric department while participating in a growth hormone test. It had taken almost 2 years to schedule this test because my son has a debilitating fear of needles and has a phobia about having his blood drawn. From the minute I was called by a nurse (Alice) to discuss preparations for the procedure, I knew that my son and I were going to get the right care and support to be able to accomplish this necessary testing. I was immediately reassured that they understood his fears and anxiety and would address them compassionately and patiently. When we arrived, my son was greeted warmly and they immediately acknowledged that they knew all about his concerns and would not minimize them or ignore them. This allowed my son to develop a rapport with everyone treating him and I could see that although the fears were not going away, he would be able to manage them because he was part of a team that would ensure that his needs were met and respected. I cannot thank the staff at NWH more for making a difficult day easier! Thanks for all you do-.


Sue Cirillo Saunders

I’m writing to thank you for the superb care that my son Wyatt received last week when he was admitted to your hospital for a pediatric growth hormone test. I had been extremely apprehensive about this procedure for months, as was Wyatt. It’s a long procedure and I had imagined a day of, quite honestly, angst and misery. I knew I was in good hands from the first phone call I received the week before from Alice, who cheerfully reiterated the directions for the morning prior to the test and also asked what Wyatt would like for lunch as he would be very hungry after not being able to eat since the night before. To my amusement, she highly recommended the chicken and cheese quesadilla. When we arrived at the hospital we were greeted by a very friendly staff who showed us to a clean and comfortable room. Chris Odell was kind, caring and obviously very thorough in following procedures, carefully marking and labeling [everything], and keeping us informed of exactly what she was doing. Ditto for Deanna who put in the IV. It was like we had a team of moms on our bench. Needless to say, it made the whole experience much more palatable, dare I say enjoyable? So thank you, this kind of care and attention really makes a difference, especially when children are involved. I wish everything in life went this smoothly.


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