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Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery Testimonials

Frank Reale

[In deciding on whether to have my prostate cancer surgery at Columbia Presbyterian, Mt. Sinai, Sloan Kettering, Johns Hopkins, or Northern Westchester], one concern was that I had donated a kidney in 1990, so I wondered if that would have a negative effect. My first conversation with Dr. Bromberg, and his track record, weighed heavily in my decision. There was a comfort level [with him] under trying circumstances. [When researching results at other hospitals, percentages for negative side effects were much higher than at NWH, which is...] a testament to the robot and to what they do at Northern Westchester Hospital.


Harry Gaines

My gall bladder surgery was painless. No need for any pain medication after surgery except for 1 pill when I got home just to releive the pain caused by the stitches. The discomfort from the stitches did last for about 10 days but it did not stop me from doing anything. And I was out of the house the day after, though I did feel a little drained by later in the day. As far as the surgery itself, [...it] actually started at 7:45 and I was back home by 1 PM. The only draw back, like most major surgery is that I couldn't do anything strenuous for about 2 weeks (golf, bowling, etc.) but simple excercise,like walking, was not a problem. If I had 2 gall bladders and had to do this again, this is the way to go.


Bill Pitts

Dr. Jerald Wishner performed a robot assisted right colon resectioning on me on December 2nd. I was very comfortable returning home on December 5th and was back at work without problems on December 16th. I experienced very little (well-controlled) pain and no infection. Normal bodily functions returned very qickly. Care at Northern Westchester Hospital was excellent. Dr. Wishner and his surgical team inspired confidence. Wishner himself is clearly a master of his profession and of his robot. I obviously think highly of him and would recommend him, and robot-assisted surgical proceduers by him, without hesitation.


Peter Stone

I can't praise enough the wonderful care I received at the NWH. After being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer by Dr. Bromberg of MKMG, he thoughtfully walked me through the option. He is one of the foremost experts on the Da Vinci Robotic Prostatectomy, so I knew I was in good hands. I'll be forever grateful to Dr. Bromberg and the entire staff of the NWH for not only the miraculous medical procedure, but also for making a difficult situation a bit easier. Everyone's good cheer, loving care and attention was most comforting and reassuring. The nurses could not have been nicer and more helpful. In the months that followed, in course of my recovery and treatment at the Cancer and Wellness Center, Dr. Tinger and his team provided an equally upbeat environment during my radiation therapy. All of the doctors and technicians were endlessly positive and encouraging. From the acupuncture and reflexology to the pet therapy and even the drumming sessions, my nerves were calmed in the most nurturing of setting. Even the free valet parking made my daily visits much easier. I owe my life to the Northern Westchester Hospital!


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