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At Northern Westchester Hospital, we take great pride in our patients and their courage.
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NWH Patient

I am eighteen years old and was in the inpatient behavior health program at Northern Westchester Hospital. Before I went into this program I couldn’t function because of my depression and intrusive thoughts. This program started me on a daily  routine that I continue to do today. The nurses and people running the program were amazing and they made it as comftorable as can be. Dr. Marabella was so kind and understanding. She was so easy to talk to and was always there to help. I couldnt have asked for a better stay. I recieved the help I needed and am able to live a happy life I always did before my depression . This program was very helpful and I am glad I found out about it. 


NWH Patient

My 18 year old niece was a patient in the inpatient Behavioral Health program at Northern Westchester Hospital this winter. Prior to coming to the hospital, she had been spending her days locked behind her bedroom door unable to escape the intrusive thoughts she was having.  Our family had no idea how to help her and in a state of true desperation reached out to a friend who fortunately, knew about Northern Westchester Hospital's unique program. Her stay was characterized by important activities including yoga and therapy sessions and interaction with people who were having similar challenges, and nurses and doctors who showed they cared every day and night she spent there. Of greatest import was the medical team's ability to determine a medication regimen to match her symptoms.  Northern Westchester Hospital's competency and expertise in this area is truly noteworthy and we are incredibly grateful for that because without the right combination of medicines, the likelihood of getting better is severely compromised.
We saw signs of progress within 2 days there and when she left she was well enough to begin an outpatient program where her recovery could continue. Today - just over a month later - she is re-engaged in her life, looking forward to starting college this fall, exercising regularly, applying for jobs, and in communication again with her family and friends.  Her therapy and medication management are in place and all of this started at Northern Westchester Hospital.  People need to know that they have this incredible resource in their community because it could be the answer to their prayers, as it was to me and our family.


Cathy B. - Chappaqua, NY

"showed us the best that modern medicine has to offer."


Lucille and Robert C.- Brewster, NY

"We found these(diabetes)classes very informative and left with a new awareness of how you were to approach the diagnosis."... "It was amazing to learn how to adjust meal plans to be healthy and helpful in your goals."


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