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Surgical Weight Loss Program Testimonials

Joanne B

I was a chubby child, who became an overweight teenager, and eventually a morbidly obese adult. I had struggled my entire life with my obesity, trying many different combinations of diet and exercise to control my weight. I had been successful a few times in losing a large amount of weight, but like so many others I eventually ended up regaining all that I had lost, plus a few additional pounds. When I found myself at age 45 with hypertension and pre-diabetes, I knew that this was more than a cosmetic problem and I had to find a solution. I began to research weight loss surgery options, and read about the Duodenal Switch procedure. The Duodenal Switch has the most effective statistics for weight loss, and more importantly maintenance of that loss. My research led me to Dr. Roslin, who is an expert not only in the field of bariatric surgery, with also is one of the country’s leaders in the Duodenal Switch operation. After my surgery, I went on to lose 150 pounds, and found my health, and my life. My surgery helped me to lose weight by taking away most of my hunger, and helping me to stay satisfied with smaller amounts of food. The metabolic effect of the Duodenal Switch helps me to maintain my weight loss, which has been stable for almost two years. In my new body I’m able to exercise, and live a more active life. My blood pressure and blood sugar are all normal. My life has never been better! I would encourage anyone who is considering weight loss surgery to attend a seminar with Dr. Roslin to learn more about this life changing opportunity.


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