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At Northern Westchester Hospital, we take great pride in our patients and their courage.
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Ambulatory Surgery Testimonials

Ronald A Freeman

"The best cheesecake this side of heaven - Hospital food indeed! (My incision photo was beautiful too, but not nearly as appetizing!)" I had the good fortune to enter the Ambulatory Surgery unit early Wed, morning 8/22/12 for a total right hip replacement by Dr. Eric L. Grossman, using the anterior approach. Came out of surgery by 10:30 and by 2:30 that same afternoon took my first walk with a walker! Each day showed rapid improvement and by 1:00 Sat. 8/25 I walked to curbside for pick up by my son to go to therapy at Somers Manor. There, the therapists took me upstairs to view the PT facilities and after asked if I could use the stairway. I said OK and holding, but not using the cane he provided, walked down the long flight of stairs, normally! He then asked if I could climb back up the stairway, which I did, again not using the cane, and then I returned to the first floor! Amazed, he remarked that "They had discharged patients who where in worse shape than I!" I attribute my miraculous recovery to the fine work of the very professional team in the OR and to the exceptionally attentive care of the entire staff on the fourth floor of the Wallace Pavilion. Last, but not least by any means, you have the finest on-request food service in Mount Kisco! I was home by Wed 8/29 just 7 days later! I too am amazed!


Stuart Hakoun

Over the past year I've had several same day surgeries and an overnight spinal surgery. The nursing staff was consistently professional and caring. My questions were always answered honestly. All my needs were met. My comfort was kept as a priority during each visit. Although I knew I wasn't the only patient my nurse had to tend to, I felt I was her only concern. Northern Westchester is not just statistically a top hospital, from my experiences it really is.


Yvonne Chiarello

I absolutely love this hospital. I have had many visits here due to my diagnosis of stage iv colon cancer in 2007. In the ambulatory dept i am there every three months for ureter stent replacements an everyone from checking in to leaving are amazing!!! Everyone is very thorough, great bedside manners, detail oriented etc... I rave about the hospital!! I live in dutchess county which is about a 45 min ride. Just this past weekend i went to the ER, as much pain i was is because of a blockage thats where i told my husband to take me because i trust them. I didnt care about the 45 min ride. I know i am in good hands there. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. Your number one to me and i tell everyone that!!!!!


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