Medical Leadership

Medical Board

Elie Abemayor, MD, Chairman

Peter Khouri, MD

Alfred Tinger, MD, Vice Chairman

Marla Koroly, MD

Jim Dwyer, MD, Secretary

David Miller, MD

David Berck, MD

Elizabeth Mirabello, MD

Mark Brauning, MD

Navid Mootabar, MD

Sergio Bures, MD

Marshal Peris, MD

Ihor Cehelsky, MD

Robert Pilchik, MD

Alan Coffino, MD

Robert Pitaro, MD

David Ennis, MD

Peter Richel, MD

Thomas Higgins, MD

Martin Saltzman, MD

Evan Karas, MD

Joel Seligman

Victor Khabie, MD

Debra Spicehandler, MD 


By Invitation:
Philip Bonanno, MD
Sue Etkin
Patrice Koeneke
Michael Rosenberg, MD
Lauraine Szekely

Medical Staff Officers

President – Marshal Peris, MD
Vice President – Sergio Bures, MD
Secretary / Treasurer – Robert Pitaro, MD
Medical Board Member at Large – David Ennis, MD
Medical Board Member at Large – Debra Spicehandler, MD
Medical Board Member at Large – Mark Brauning, MD

Department and Division Chiefs of Services

  • Department of Anesthesiology David Miller, MD, Director
  • Department of Emergency Medicine James Dwyer, MD, Director
  • Department of Pathology Thomas Higgins, MD, Director
  • Department of Radiology Peter Khouri, MD, Director 
  • Department of Medicine Alan Coffino, MD
    • Division of Cardiology Robert Pilchik, MD
    • Division of Dermatology Ross Levy, MD
    • Division of Endocrinology Jeffrey Powell, MD
    • Division of Gastroenterology Elie Abemayor, MD
    • Division of Hematology/Oncology Thomas Lester, MD
    • Division of Infectious Diseases John Raffalli, MD, and Debra Spicehandler, MD
    • Division of Nephrology – Martin Saltzman, MD
    • Division of Neurology Albert Szabo, MD
  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology David Berck, MD, and Navid Mootabar, MD
    • Division of Maternal / Fetal Medicine Francene Gallousis, MD, Director
  • Department of Pediatrics Peter Richel, MD
    • Division of Neonatology John R. (Rick) Stafford, MD, Director
  • Department of Psychiatry – Elizabeth Mirabello, MD, Director 
  • Radiation Oncology Alfred Tinger, MD, Director
  • Surgical Services Victor Khabie, MD
    • Division of Breast Surgery Anthony Cahan, MD
    • Division of General Surgery Ihor Cehelsky, MD
    • Division of Neurosurgery John Abrahams, MD
    • Division of Ophthalmology Craig Fern, MD
    • Division of Oral Surgery Frank Weber, DDS
    • Division of Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Evan Karas, MD, and Victor Khabie, MD
    • Division of Otolaryngology John Scott, MD
    • Division of Pediatric Surgery Gustavo Stringel, MD
    • Divison of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Michael Rosenberg, MD
    • Division of Podiatry John Orrichio, DPM
    • Division of Urology Warren Bromberg, MD
    • Division of Vascular Surgery Sae Hahm, MD



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