Food is Care

You need good nutrition to get better. That’s why we make meals a part of our patients’ treatment plan.

That means ROOM SERVICE for all our patients. And tasty food that conforms to your treatment plan arrives promptly—hot food is hot and cold food is cold.

Does this look like “hospital food” to you?
At NWH we are changing what people think of when they anticipate meals at a hospital. Watch this short video from ABC Eyewitness News

You know food is essential for building a strong and disease resistant body. The choices offered to you while you are in the hospital should help you recover while providing comfort. That is why we offer whole grain breads and freshly prepared soups from scratch. Our vegetables are fresh, not frozen and locally sourced when available. Our milk is hormone free and there is always seasonal fruit on our menu to choose from.

We have expanded our room service to all our patients. Our staff helps guide our patients to appropriate selections tailored to their medical condition and recovery.

We want to share with you our philosophy of food and guide you toward a healthy way of eating that draws from whole foods, prepared in a way that celebrates flavors, not flavorings.

We are committed to offering you exceptional food because FOOD IS CARE.

What it means to say ‘Food is Care’

The connections between food and health care extend far beyond the nutritional aspects of one’s diet.

Food not only provides patients sustenance and nourishment, but also comfort, pleasure, a sense of routine and socialization. Food can also present opportunities for patient education about the implications of diet on chronic disease management and overall health. It is fitting, then, that food and nutrition is one of the core components of the Planetree model of patient-centered care being implemented at Northern Westchester Hospital.

This Food Studies Journal spotlights practical ways that patient-centered providers across the health care continuum are revisiting every aspect of their dining programs to maximize choice, personalization, opportunities for education and socialization, and health promotion while incorporating gardens, farmers’ markets and community education into their offerings.

Read more about how Planetree guides the way we care for you and your loved one.



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